Clintons strike back! Obama sued in Federal Court!

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  1. I read about the lawsuit but never knew it was from a Clinton supporter... this stuff is starting to get interesting. What if Ms. Clinton prevails in all this stuff, runs on the Democratic ticket and loses to McCain!! The party is not in enough disarray already??
  2. Hillary speech finished 60 seconds ago. Typical. She made sure to emphasize her supposed support for Obama. Then she won't call off her attack dogs working in the background.
  3. Oh save me. He's a crazy guy with a pen.

    There is no evidence that he's even associated somehow "behind the scenes" with Clinton.
  4. The article states he's the former Chair of his local Democratic Party, and the former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, among other things. Hillary or Bill could certainly reach him on the phone and discourage him from doing this - if they are so inclined.
  5. This could be like the McGovern campaign where his vice president forgot ot mention that he spent time in a mental hospital.. Mcgovern was pretty far left like Obama too...
  6. Arnie


    Well, even if he is technically ineligible, no court in the land would rule that way. Think LA riots x1,000,000:D
  7. Seems to me this would be pretty simple to get rid of. One affidavit from obama's mother. Unless there's some reason she doesn't want to go on record under oath saying her son was born in the US.
  8. It's time for a few facts to be revealed about, the organization that purports to get to the truth about such things as Obama's birth certificate.

    Obama's Hawaii vacation, what a coincidence, that is to the timing of "verifying" Obama's colb.
    A Few Facts and Observations

    "First, keep in mind: Senator Obama was the first Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was a Division, or Project, of the Annenberg Foundation.
    (FACTCHECK.ORG owned by Annenberg )

    William (Bill) Ayers, unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist and a friend of the Obamas, was instrumental in founding the Challenge, thanks to his ties to Mayor Richard Daley. The first Daley was also a pal of Thomas Ayers, Bill’s father, former CEO of ComEd (owned by Exelon).

    [Incidentally, the current CEO of ComEd, Frank M. Clark, is a major money bundler for the Obama campaign.]

    You’ll recall from Wednesday’s story that the Annenberg files have suddenly been locked down under mysterious circumstances, after a reporter was promised access., used as a resource by so many who wish to “debunk” negative coverage of Obama, is also a Division, or Project, of the Annenberg Foundation."

    read the rest at