Clintons Made $109 Million, Obama Didn't

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  1. Hillary Clinton has been under increasing pressure to reveal her tax returns and promised to do so by April 15. This week she made good on her promise, and now we can see why she was reluctant to make them public. Apparently, she and Bill (mainly Bill through speeches and "investments") made a jaw-dropping $109 million over the past eight years.

    I think this could be the kiss of death for her campaign. Democrat primaries are dominated by hate-anyone-successful rhetoric, and she and Obama vie for who can offer up more class warfare red meat. Her efforts will sound highly hypocritical now, particularly given the sweetheart deals Bill has received and the conflicts of interest they present.

    On balance, I think she should have taken the heat and kept her tax info confidential. I can't imagine the fallout would have been more harmful.
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    I disagree. Democrats see no conflict in exempting their own from things they condemn in Republicans or the public.
  3. The media have been hatin' Hillary for a month or two, lovin' Obama, nearly totally ignoring McCain.

    I wonder who the media wants you to vote for. We have chosen a president for you.
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    And if she were the nominee, the MSM would neither hound her to release the info nor make a big deal of it. But she's not. The media is well behind Barry Hussein Obama. It's pretty funny to watch the Clintons get the same treatment that their opponents received for years. Bet Bill is pretty POed.

    It's gonna be even more fun when McCain gets it. He's the biggest hothead in the race, and he's enjoyed an adoring media for a decade or more. But they aren't going to be adoring when it's Obama vs. McCain. The gloves will come off, and the media will attack McCain as if he were the incarnation of Ronald Wilson Reagan. McCain is going to go batshit crazy. Should be fun to watch - hope the cameras are rolling when he finally goes off the deep end.

    Pretty much sucks for the country though. Enjoy the fun while it lasts, because the next several years are going to remind the country that the government can #@&^ things up better than anybody else.
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    The left doesn't structinize the source of income of their own.

    Had Clinton been a republican business owner who employed 5000 people, only then, would George Clooney play a lawyer who brings him down....

    See Michael Clayton to understand the above reference.

    Democrats wear a special suit of insulation ... "They feel our pain". How else could John Edwards command so much money to speak about poverty.
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    All of what you say is so sadly true. We can only hope that the house and senate Republicans can get their act together and put out another Contract with America - it seems our only hope. But I won't hold my breath waiting for it...
  7. Pretty spot on comments. As Ann Coulter noted, Hillary is being treated like a republican by the media. That's why I expected a big flap over the $109 mill. It was barely mentioned on the Sunday morning shows however, so maybe I misjudged it. From the perspective of the media, I guess the money is clean because it's not like they started a business or did anything useful to get it.

    I really don't think a class warfare leftist like Obama will be able to pass up such low hanging fruit however.