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  1. Everyone is so angry on one side of the war or the other.....I haven't seen people take sides like this since......the election of 2000.....Hmmmmmmmm.....?????????

    answer honestly and only answer the question:

    If this was Clinton doing this, would you support it?....and if not would you take to the streets to protest it?

    In the meantime, can't we all just get along and learn how to be compassionate and kind like me????:D
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    I would still support him and our troops. One thing I liked about what Clinton did is he didn't ask nobody, didn't mess with the UN he just went in and bombed Bosnia. Also liked the way he won that war from the air only when everyone was saying you can't win an air only war.

    I think we can beat Iraq with only air forces. Might take longer but it's possible.

    Besides all that I support GW Bush, best President we've had since Reagan.:)
  3. Neither Clinton or Gore would have done this, but just to answer your hypothetical question, YES I would have supported this war regardless.

    this is just doing what should have been done in 1991 but we let the U.N. and the French talk us out of it.
  4. I would have supported it....but.......I would be skeptical if he was doing it in the month or two leading up to his impeachment trial.
  5. I never liked Clinton, but I was in favor of his military actions in Bosnia and Serbia, and NONE of the liberals criticized that AT ALL.
    The Evil in Iraq is on a much larger scale and has been going on much longer, but since BUSH is pres., the liberals are willing to be human shields. That shows you exactly how their minds work.
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    TM, I don't think even Clinton would be low enough to put our forces at risk for his own benefit. At least I would hope not.
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    Wow!!!! This comes as a major shock to us all!!!!!

    Who'd of thougth Mondo would feel that way??

    And you know this because??

  8. Are you suree about that? Had to admit, I found it 'odd' that on the eve of his impeachment vote...he started a military action against IRAQ that delayed the vote for a week....becuase republicans thought it was the right thisng to wait...
  9. The Evil in Iraq is certainly not on a larger scale. The genocide in the former Yugoslavia was far greater and claimed far more victims than the dead at the hands of Hussein.

    And you can't compare the US miiltary actions in Bosnia/Serbia to Iraq.

  10. Where did you get this info from??? Im just curious as to the many have perished in Yugo vs the Iraq regime?...I really don't know that's why Im asking
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