Clinton screwed up!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by maxpi, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. maxpi


    Dems, what a bunch of losers. No talented people with character at all in the party, that is why they can't provide sound leadership.

    Kerry takes the cake. Makes his living by marrying rich women. The current one funds super-ultra left wing stuff. He is a throwaway because Dems know they are not going to win in 2004. Maybe they hope Clinton (her not him) can win in 2008, I doubt that.

  2. Hey maxpi,

    Haven't you heard yet? Hillary's switching back into commodities.
  3. Notice how Greenspan talked about cutting Social Security... I guess ya can't have tax cuts and SS too.
  4. Pabst


    Apples and oranges. SS taxes are NOT income taxes. There's been no cuts in payroll or self employment taxes. They're a strangler.
  5. maybe we should bring Clinton back to find OBL then Bush can issue the orders to shoot OBL.
  6. cdbern


    It should be noted that Greenspan did not talk about lowering SS benefits for those currently on SS or for those close to retirement, but rather for those far enough away that they would have ample time to invest funds in other areas to provide for retirement. There are some members of Congress that will fight this tooth and nail as Congress has for decades raided the SS funds for other purposes. However, this will provide an opportunity to invest funds that will provide greater revenue for retirement than what SS would be able to provide.

    Don't know about the rest of you, but given the opportunity, I believe I could get a better return on my money than the Feds can.
  7. Bonehead comment. Social Security is in impending problem with or without tax cuts; an issue specific to changing demographics and lengthening life expectancies. Weren't the same predictions being made about SS even when we were predicting a $5 trillion surplus?

    I here so many baseless arguments on ET just to take a swing at Bush. It just makes those people seem like such idiots. I hope there trading strategies aren't as baseless as their political arguments.