Clinton said "Americans Respect Islam"?

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Clinton said "Americans Respect Islam"

  1. No. Americans despise Islam.

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  2. Yes. Americans respect Islam.

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  3. Clinton is just sucking up to Islam, he hates it himself.

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  1. Clinton said people in the U.S. had also condemned the publication [of mohhamed Cartoons] and were deeply concerned over it. He said Americans respected Islam, as it was the fastest-growing religion in the U.S.
  2. Ricter


    There is something so true about this poll, big picture. It's Islam in its entirety, or not at all. Stupid, uninformed, lazy American thinking.
  3. MRWSM


    It's the peaceful religion that can send then markets down 20% at any minute. Got this from somewhere? LOL
  4. Al Gore was out sucking up to the muslims in Saudi Arabia the other day as well. Islam seems to be the only religion liberals, oops, I mean progressives respect. Must be because of the enlightened attitudes toward women, homosexuals, nonbelievers, etc. Or maybe they just love anyone who hates the US.
  5. Good thing sucking up to the muslims is bipartisan:

    This past Monday, the Bush administration was to OK a deal that would allow a United Arab Emirates company to operate six major ports in the United States...President Bush was quietly handing the keys to the port cities of Baltimore, Miami, New York, New Orleans and Philadelphia over to people who, we’ve been told by the Bush administration, have helped al Qaida operatives for years.
  6. religion is the opium of the masses, crackers.
    cede all of them.
    communism rules the world.
    praise chairman mao.
  7. What, you think the USA has a monopoly on ignorant people?
    Oh gee, lets riot and destroy because of a little satire. Yah, thats not stupid and uninformed...please.

    Funny how the "stupid, uninformed, lazy Americans" have the worlds most robust economy. And most of the free world strives to have what we have. The best of all worlds. Freedom and unlimited opportunity.

    Typical ET jackass that bashes the USA with a generalizing comment but still trades OUR markets.
  8. Ricter


    So, you were saying, AAA?
  9. The Port of Long Beach is run by an affiliate of China. They were allowed to get the contract by the Clinton administration, despite their extremely active espionage program in the US. Of course, Clinton was more interested in getting money from the Chinese than national security.

    I think it is fair to criticize this UAE port deal, although in fairness, the contract was held by a UK firm that was acquired by the UAE company. Bush has been an abysmal failure in securing our borders, controlling illegal immigration and controlling islamic extremists in the US.

    I put Al Gore's speech on a different level however. First, it was a pack of lies and urban myths, consciously put together to confirm the worst fears and prejudices of ignorant Arabs. Secondly, it occurred in the aftermath of the cartoon controversy, showing at the least unbelievably poor judgmetn. Thirdly, he was paid for the speech, no doubt handsomely, leaving the impression that he is prepared to denounce his own country before its enemies if paid enough. I realize Jimmy Carter and Clinton have severely lowered the bar as for what is considered inappropriate or scandalous conduct by former high officials, but Gore really went over the line.
  10. jem


    This UAE port thing is just dumbfouding. GWB is throwing games like he is attempting to get in postion for the first pick in the draft. If he does not fix this, he will have a lock on the title worst and most dangerous President ever.

    Carter was bad but Reagan fixed most of his problems. GWB is in the lead. I am beginning to wonder if SA is one of his trusted advisors.
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