Clinton & Hillary forgotten crooks I won't forget

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Who began the Irak war ? Clinton.
    Who made the transfert of weapons to Irak during the same period through french company Lafarge on US soil ? Hillary the wife of the puppet president above.

    Conclusion: CLINTON & BUSH: same kind of crooks. One can wonder why it is worth to vote between BUSH & KERRY, Kerry must even be worst than Clinton, he's a Skulls & Bones like Bush.

    Like in a film, one plays the nasty, the other the kind but both are liars and crooks. One rehearse the other, in front they dispute, behind the scene they fraternize in their sect hahaha !
  2. Hey Harry,

    Don't say anything bad about Hillary. She was a great commodity trader.
  3. Agree-I wish that Hillary would write a book on how she made 10 or more straight winning trades in cattle futures just by reading the WSJ.

    I'd buy it right quick

  4. Piece of cake - just use a broker like she did who post-assigns the losing side of each trade to a Purdue Chicken trading account.
  5. Fuck off Harry, you French asshole
  6. Arch-got a name or phone number you could pass on?