Clinton campaign fed student question in Iowa

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  1. Let me guess, you want Hillary to fire police officers, disband the Military, FBI, CIA, stop building/fixing roads and bridges, fire all FAA employees and AIR traffic controllers, get rid of the EPA, FDIC, SEC, public education (now that you and your wife used it and don't need it any more) etc...You want Hillary to do all that so that your wife could pay less taxes, right? Oh and btw, do you want her to end the war in Iraq that you and your wife supported and that you and your wife have not even started paying for?

    PS taxes are not destroying your family, taxes pay for the services (described above) you and your wife use. Low wages and stagnant incomes caused by the corporate assault on the middle class, inflation caused by the falling value of the dollar, oil prices, outsourcing, skyrocketing cost of healthcare (primarily due to skyrocketing corporate profits), immigration and cheap immigrant labor are destroying your family.
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  2. God you liberal commie pinko America hating communist puke. I damn you to 1000 episodes of O'Reilly with eye restraints.....and 10 sessions at the AEI for re-education.

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  3. LOL, why do you hate the constitution? Obviously watching one (let alone 1000) episode of O'Reilly is a violation of the 8th amendment - it's a cruel and unusual punishment. Moreover it would also violate international laws against torture.
    :D :D
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  4. i hope that wasn't directed to me... the bushs and clintons vacation together. rupert murdoch holds fund raisers for hillary. the right/left paradigm is for suckers. one big WWF... and people like doodoo still buy into it.
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  5. Arnie


    Wow, talk about an uninformed post!

    Police officers and fireman are paid with local taxes

    FAA and ATC are paid with user fees

    Roads/Bridges are paid for with state funds, subsidized with some federal dollars

    Now, getting rid of EPA probably isn't pratical, but getting rid of the Dept of Education is. Can anyone really argue there has been an improvement since the feds took over? Look at all the money we spend on complying with Fed mandates. No Child Left Behind ring a bell?

    The SEC? Thanks for that laugh!

    2 out of 3 federal tax dollars go to SS. Medicare and other "entitlements", also known as welfare.
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    The fed has no consitutional right to fund education and put private schools at a disadvantage the way they do for openers... and then do a shitty job of educating people.. perhaps you were educated by public schools?.... Ron Paul can kick Hillary's ass in getting us out of the war business, talk about saving some money... and the FDA-FBI-SEC are doing their job?? What has that deluded bitch hillary done to end the completely failed war on poverty and war on drugs?? Or to close the border so we don't pay welfare/education/healthcare for people FROM THE NEIGHBORING COUNTRY???? The bullshit public sector could be trimmed to 10% current size and we would not notice it.
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  7. Well put.

    His post is a variation of the time-honored ploy called the Washington Monument strategy. If the pressure from taxpayers to cut spending becomes unbearable, our "leaders" will announce a series of cuts to the most important or popular programs, ie closing federal monuments. We saw it with the indefensible public subsidy to public broadcasting. They made the false claim that cutting the govenrment subsidy would put popular programs like Barney off the air, when in fact they generate enormous revenues and are self-supporting.

    We see it on the local level even more frequently. Demand that wasteful spending on education bureaucracies be cut and their most likely response is to threaten to cancel high school football.
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  8. Police officers and fireman are paid with local taxes
    He did not complain about federal taxes only, he complained about "taxes" destroying his family so I presumed that applied to federal, state and local taxes. He and you are still very short on specific government (federal or state) programs that need to be cut or eliminated to significantly lower his taxes. And that unfortunately is quite typical, people in this country (espeically republicans) still want to have the best military in the world, support the war in Iraq etc, they usually can't name any specific government program they want to get rid of... they just don't want to pay for them and keep complaining about taxes.

    getting rid of the Dept of Education is. Can anyone really argue there has been an improvement since the feds took over?
    Can anyone really argue that the best education systems in the world are public, not private? European, Japanese and other students are better educated not because their countries have private education, they don't, it's because their governments are doing a much better job at a fraction of the cost. That btw also applies to HealthCare, the best healthcare systems in the world are also public, Universal and single-payer, they are run by corresponding governments, they cost less, cover everyone and provide better services.
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  9. Yeah, the way to get real is to believe facts, not idiotic accusations from liberals about "hidden microphones" in Bush's pocket. And you are telling people to get real?
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  10. Education ideally comes from the family and community. When it is replaced by a big central government it is corrupted. Which is what happened to our public education system. Keep the feds out of education. Municipalities can handle it better.
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