Clinton Bombs In Dem Debate

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  1. More damage control from team Hillary. Say, has anyone else noticed how Obama always refers to her as "hillary" and not "Mrs. Clinton " or Senator Clinton?" What's up with that? Frankly, as much as I dislike her, I find it off-putting and disrespectful.


    From The Hill:

    Campaign call reveals Clinton debate concern
    By Sam Youngman
    November 01, 2007
    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) top advisers, doing damage control after the candidate’s debate performance Tuesday, told supporters on a conference call Wednesday that the campaign needed more money to fight back.

    Mark Penn, Clinton’s senior strategist and pollster, and Jonathan Mantz, the campaign’s finance director, told the supporters on the call, which The Hill listened to in its entirety, that they expect attacks from Clinton’s rivals to continue, and she will need the financial resources to deflect their attacks.

    Clinton came under withering assault in the Philadelphia debate, and some supporters on the call agreed with analysts that she stumbled.

    “I wouldn’t say she lost her cool,” one caller said. “But I would say she lost her footing.”

    The caller addded that Clinton’s response to questions about records from her time in the White House that have been sealed by the National Archives “made me roll my eyes.”

    The criticisms followed Penn’s assertion that Clinton was “unflappable.” He also said criticisms from Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) would backfire and that he was already “detecting some backlash,” particularly among female voters.

    Those female voters are saying, “Sen. Clinton needs our support now more than ever if we’re going to see this six-on-one to try to bring her down,” Penn told those on the campaign call.

    He, Mantz and several supporters hinted repeatedly on the call that Clinton was unfairly targeted by Tim Russert, debate moderator and host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    “Russert made it appear that President Clinton had done something new or unusual,” Penn said, before adding that it “is, in fact, an extremely confusing situation … I think there will be further clarification.”

    “I hope so,” a female caller responded. “To me, it was the most uncomfortable part of the debate.”

    Penn turned again to Russert. “The other candidates were asked questions like, ‘Is there life in outer space?’ ”

    The object of the call, and a follow-up breakfast Thursday morning with campaign chairman and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Terry McAuliffe, was apparently to stop whatever bleeding the senator might have sustained during a debate in which Clinton wore a bull’s-eye on her back throughout the evening.

    Penn and Mantz said “a new phase” in the campaign had begun with about 65 days to go before the Iowa caucuses. They expect Obama and Edwards to go “negative on TV, and we’re going to need the resources to fight that front.”

    While one supporter voiced his concern that the Clinton campaign is not devoting enough money and staff to Iowa, lagging behind Obama, most supporters who commented on the call expressed their displeasure with what they saw as the moderators’ focus on Clinton.

    One caller from Oklahoma City said that “the questions … were designed to incite a brawl,” and that Russert’s and Brian Williams’s moderating was “an abdication of journalistic responsibility.”

    Another said Russert “should be shot,” before quickly adding that she shouldn’t say that on a conference call.

    Penn and Mantz said they were hearing a lot of the same sentiment from other supporters, but they do not plan to engage the media or the debate’s moderators.

    “We’re not challenging the media on that, but the sentiment you’ve expressed is obviously one I’ve heard,” Penn said.

    Penn added that he conducted polling before and after the debate — a focus group, perhaps — that saw Clinton as the winner. Sen. Joseph Biden (Del.) “had a good night” and John Edwards “did better,” Penn said, though he added Edwards’s numbers have been going down. “Obama did not have a particularly good night,” Penn said.

    Those results diverge sharply from the assessment of most analysts who watched the debate, and thought Clinton did poorly. Her campaign appeared to be in full damage-control mode Wednesday.

    It received a big boost at midday when Clinton received the coveted endorsement of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

    Gerald McEntee, AFSCME’s president, mentioned the debate during his endorsement speech, and took Penn’s and Mantz’s view of the results.

    “Some of you may have seen last night’s debate,” McEntee said. “Six guys against Hillary, and I’d call that a fair fight. This is a strong woman.”

    Obama and Edwards continued their assault throughout the day, trying to capitalize on the first chink in Clinton’s armor that they have seen in months.

    In a memo from the Obama campaign, spokesman Bill Burton said Clinton “offered more of the same Washington political calculation and evasion that won’t bring the change America needs.”

    “The ‘politics of hope’ doesn’t mean hoping you don’t have to answer tough questions,” Burton wrote.

    Burton wrote that Clinton dodged questions on Social Security, Iran and the National Archives issue. And on one of the more talked-about moments from the end of the debate, Clinton’s position on a move by New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, Burton said, “Twelve hours after the debate ended, the American people are still waiting for an answer on Sen. Clinton’s position … She didn’t answer the question in the debate and her campaign couldn’t answer it afterwards.”

    In Wednesday’s conference call, Penn said Clinton “clarified that she does support governors like Gov. Spitzer” who are faced with the issue because of the federal government’s failure to offer comprehensive immigration reform.

    The Edwards campaign, apparently referring to the AFSCME endorsement, said Clinton was “trying to change the subject after losing a debate.”

    Clinton drew fire throughout the day from the Republican National Committee, which sent around a compilation of negative press releases from state Republican parties in Texas, Florida, Georgia and California.

    Two conservative bloggers filed a complaint with the FEC charging that Clinton had engaged in questionable, and possibly illegal, fundraising practices.

    The Clinton campaign released a video Wednesday, entitled “The Politics of Pile On,” showing clips of the senator’s rivals going after her by name during the debate.

    The senator did not appear ready to surrender Wednesday, though. When accepting the AFSCME endorsement, Clinton handed McEntee a pair of boxing gloves.

    “When it comes to fighting for America’s working families, I’ll go 10 rounds with anybody,” she said.
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    No but a friend of mine sent me a pic of Osama and several other politicians at a public event. Osama was the only one who refused to put his hand over his heart during the playing of the national anthem. Apparently he has no respect for the national anthem or the flag either. I don't don't if the pic was legit or "doctored".
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  3. Independant candidates in the US have only one role, and that is to grab as many votes from the best candidate, so the worst can win.
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    It's discussed on urban legand sites. It could have been taken just before the national anthem started or something.... besides, they are facing away from the flag so none of them are following protocol....
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  5. Hillary's a shoe-in, she's got the military vote.

    :D :D
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  6. Hill should just say that Bill would her VP and she's in. Of course if your a Christian I guess it will be hell all over again as that guy at the GOP debate suggested. Seeing as that there was no main group of people to hate ( ie the Russians and Jews during Reagan years or Muslims during this idiot's term) during the Clinton years, this bigoted group will indeed suffer.
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  7. I've heard that discussed as well, I think on Limbaugh but I can;t be sure. There was also a flap about him making sure everyone knew he wasn't wearing a flag lapel pin anymore. Bottom line, he has the maturity and judgment of the typical 14 year old.
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