Clint Eastwoods Controversial Ad

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  1. Here's how I saw it. The republicans only message is how bad this country is because of President Obama. Now, when somebody even dares make the observation that we are good and getting better it is just automatically assumed that that is a subversive pro Obama message, because no republican can ever say that until they are in power.
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    Well, yes. They decided (and several even said as much out loud) that the GOP #1 goal was making Obama a failure. This of course meant making America fail because you can't make the President fail at all costs without hurting America. This is why I regard the GOP as the greatest threat to America today, yes, even more of a threat than Iran. They put party over country like good little fascists then they wonder why the rest of America isn't goose-stepping right along with them. They are delusional, stupid and a clear and present danger to America's future. No joke.
  3. MADE him a failure? Poor Obama.....lmao:D :D :D
    where do you dream this tripe up?
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    You obviously have reading comprehension problems. Try again.
  5. Anyone regarding some of their fellow americans worse than Iranians is "delusional". Narrow it down to the neo-con WAR PIGS and you might get some traction.
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    I don't think I'll be giving a pass to the pathological liars of 2010 who ran on "Jobs, jobs, jobs" then when they gained power they immediately went about trying to invade women's vaginas and instituting other theocratic bullshit (which they never mentioned in their campaign speeches) and went about trying to do to public unions what they'd already largely done to private unions. It isn't just the drumbeat for war that causes problems for America, it's all the unneccesary horseshit the idiot right wants to fight over and over and over ad nauseum.

    Anti-contraception bullshit? SERIOUSLY!? What planet did the American right just drop from to think most Americans want to go back to the 1950s socially. Un-freaking-believable.
  7. How many Iranians do you know? How many have you talked to? All you know about Iranians is what comes over that tube that you watch and believe.

    And yes, some of my fellow Americans are worse than some of my fellow Iranians.

    Most people are good just like you and me. All they want is peace and prosperity and freedom.

    It's hard to make the news if that's all you want. That's why they never do a story about me when I have a good day.

    An Iranians fathers dream is to spend a Saturday with his son fishing and a picnic with his family afterwards.

    How can you make such blanket statements about Iranians? Hey man, we all get caught in governments we didn't vote for. I could say the same thing about you. You live in America, your President is Obama, so that must mean you believe everything he believes. Poor American, all you want is a government handout, that's the way all Americans are. I know, because I see it on TV.