Clint Eastwood Super Bowl Ad

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  1. Most of the ads this year seemed kind of disappointing to me. Nothing very original. The audi vampire ad early on in the game was pretty good though, if a bit long.

    The Eastwood chrysler ad was kind of a high water mark for weirdness. Was it for Chrysler or was it some kind of disturbing subliminal obama reelection ad, disguised as a car ad for a natioanlized car company?

    Nothing against Clint, who did a great job, but the ad was just stupid. We're not at "halftime." For Chrysler, the game was over and they lost, but the league went back and changed the rules to let them continue playing. There's nothing heroic about Chryslers' supposed comeback either. Obama and crew stole the company from the bondholders and gave it to the UAW, who were at least partially responsible for its bankruptcy.

    Who is Chrysler's new ad campaign, "imported from Detroit", aimed at anyway? Gang bangers and rappers? Detroit to most americans is a symbol of decay, rot and the logical outcome of dopey liberal policies. The ads do have a certain authentic edginess to them, but they just leave me with the question, Why would I ever want to buy a car made in a city where you can buy houses for less than the cost of the car?
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    Well, if you weren't politicized, you might check consumer reports on them and find that they're worth the money. I'm not saying they're good cars for the money or not, just that, if you're a strong thinker, that's the approach you'd take, the data-driven ;) approach.
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    Did they have Clint drive off in a Fiat at the end of the commercial?

  4. They aren't worth the money...Ever heard of depreciation?

    I'd much prefer to buy the car that has the least depreciation and the highest reliability. In fact, that's pretty much been the line of thinking that led to GM's demise in the first place.
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    You like the Civic, too, huh?
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    I thought the Eastwood ad was good.
    Too much over-analyzing goes on in the USA.
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    I just remembered, who won?
  8. The point is that they have a series of ads trying to implant the notion that Detroit is a tough town, so their cars are tough too. My reaction is the ads are edgy and have some style to them, but to me, Detroit has far more negative than positive connotations.

    The ads are not aimed at rational analysis but at emotion, so that was the way I addressed them. Get it now?
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    who I bet on - GIANTS! :cool:
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    Is it just me or is this a little contradictory?
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