Clinical Proof Of Banker Psychopathology:

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  2. sicker than bankers are politicians. Are people in western countries able to comprehend how fucking sick politicians are? Do they realize in any way the fact that most politicians suffer from all kinds of mental illnesses?

    A banker doesn't constantly promise you a future and one for your kids, a banker doesn't constantly lie to you in broad daylight and then stupid you cheer for him and vote for him for his lies.

    ie. are you retarded enough to think that anyone in the Obama administration is mentally more stable than this banker?
  3. drcha


    Here is the disease all these people have:

    NPD affects about 1% of the population. Every one knows at least a few of these people. If you are successful or are in a profession related to sales or any type of wheeling and dealing, chances are you know many of them. This disorder is caused by very early psychiatric injuries (first year or two of life) and at the present time, is incurable and nearly impossible to treat effectively. There are no medications for it, and most forms of psychotherapy do not help individuals who do not think there is anything wrong with them.

    There is also an excellent lay book about this: