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  1. Hi,

    Two summers ago, I climbed Mt. Washington (see attachment).

    I experienced so many great things while climbing it. It was such a challenge. Keep in mind, I never hiked up a mountain before.

    But all it all, it was alot like one aspect of life: We spend all of our time trying to get somewhere and when we get there, the experience, the most rewarding or memorable time was truly the journey, (the process).

    In the last week I watched the movie "Blindsight" and last night, I watched the Dateline documentary about the guy that wrote the book "Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place" (the movie was was called "127 Hours").

    So here's my question: I have this urge to climb Mt. Washington in the winter (in February). Is anyone familiar with climbing mountains in the winter? Anyone ever climb Mt. Washington? Anyone else have any interest to do something like that?

    All in all, I think that there is so much we can learn and experience through nature. I believe it really can free our minds, add balance, and put so much stuff in perspective.

    Anyone have anything to say?

  2. Believe it or not, Mt Washington in the winter is among the most inhospitable places on Earth. The jet stream can actually brush the top in winter, producing 150 mph winds at -30F.

    Great way to end it all, if that's what you were planning. You'd be dead and frozen solid in 30 minutes. :D
  3. Good point.

    I googled, "climb mt washington in winter"....

    And found this:

    Which led me to this:
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    Why do you want to climb the same mountain again? Generally when you discover something new like climbing mountains and realize you like it, it leads to climb other mountains...
  5. Yes, that's true. But there's so much to MT. Washington, (see attachment). It's just a huge challenging mountain to climb.

    There are so many trails, that are so different from each other. Then you have the different seasons. So every time you climb it, you'll probably experience so many new and different things.

    Plus, in the northeastern US, I don't think any mountain can compare to that one. I live about 4 hours away, so it's somewhat close.
  6. Gotta,

    I can speak from experience on this one, having climbed Washington in the summer, as well as hiked, ice climbed and X-country skied it in winter. You have to know what you are doing in the white mountains in winter, or you could end up in world of hurt. If you really want to climb Washington in winter, go with a guide service-they will make sure that you have the right gear, and teach you the basic skills to get up and back safely.

    I suggest that you get in touch with Eastern Mtn Sports and/or International Mountain Equipment- they are both in North Conway, NH as you may already know. They offer classes and guiding for Washington.

    Best of luck...enjoy the experience!

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    The only Zen you find on tops of mountains is the Zen you bring there.
    — Robert M. Pirsig

    There's nothing I like better than long pointless walks up rocks.
  8. Current Mt Washington temp -18F

    Winds 77MPH