Climate scientists struggle to explain warming slowdown

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  2. OSLO (Reuters) - Climate change could get worse quickly if huge amounts of extra heat absorbed by the oceans are released back into the air, scientists said after unveiling new research showing that oceans have helped mitigate the effects of warming since 2000.
    Heat-trapping gases are being emitted into the atmosphere faster than ever, and the 10 hottest years since records began have all taken place since 1998. But the rate at which the earth's surface is heating up has slowed somewhat since 2000, causing scientists to search for an explanation for the pause.
    Experts in France and Spain said on Sunday that the oceans took up more warmth from the air around 2000. That would help explain the slowdown in surface warming but would also suggest that the pause may be only temporary and brief.
    "Most of this excess energy was absorbed in the top 700 meters (2,300 ft) of the ocean at the onset of the warming pause, 65 percent of it in the tropical Pacific and Atlantic oceans," they wrote in the journal Nature Climate Change.
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    LOL It sounds like they are on a mission to create an explanation for the lack of global warming while CO2 is rising. It's just an agenda and they are still pushing it.
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    :D :D
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  6. The halting of global warming in the past 16 years is not a slow down.
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    Stock traders struggle to explain market's down day.
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    You're not a trader of any kind, by your own admission.
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    Gotta love "science" nowadays.. computer models can sort of predict the weather, sometimes.. but they have computer models that can simulate the life of the earth and it's climate!! You'd think that level of capability would filter out to the weather prediction industry! C'mon you ivory tower bastards, you owners of the debate venue, tell the weather prediction industry how it's done!
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    Excellent point.

    A detailed weather forecast is useless beyond maybe 24 hours. And they routinely even fuck that up. A general forecast may be decent out to 10 days.

    And their climate models can predict 100 years from now?

    I can still remember a local meteorologist predicting that it wouldn't snow in Chattanooga that day....while it was actually snowing.
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