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  1. Was there a study done regarding the layers of ice in the artic which show that certain climate events happened in the past at much slower rates than are happening today? Some idiot was telling me that today but I can't find any proof.
  2. bump to all the hoaxers and warmers...
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    Well i guess you could google ice core samples and see if you agree with the science or method.Just like you have the right to disagree that the world is not round or that smoking doesnt cause lung cancer.
    Science is only relevant to those that believe in science and fact.Whereas most climate deniers also believe in stupid fairy tales and myth about some divine leader-cult. ie separating a sea or rising from the dead.

    Its abhorent that mindless people like palin spew their anti science ignorance.Theres a lot of functioning illiterates like her though.I dont know why its become fashionable to be proudly ignorant.

    For centuries society progressed via science and now people are protesting progression and science.Unreal
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    I've been wondering that for years. Perhaps intelligence is not keeping pace with society's growing complexity, so the naturally unintelligent are forming their own society. I started thinking about this around the time that professional wrestling was rapidly growing in popularity. It's a kind of nostalgia for an age when muscle ruled.
  5. Now that's a very interesting thought.

    If correct then it's compounded by two things: the natural tendency of people to self-censor what they read and stick to sources they are comfortable with, and the tendency for people to seek out ego-gratification via "news" that confirms their beliefs.
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    Certainly that tendency, itself another topic, accentuates the polarity.

  7. You are the fraud he loves to post BS and hope no one fact checks you. Sort of like when you claimed that Defense accounted for over half the national budget. Don't sit their acting high and mighty calling other people ignorant because you are the number one spewer of bullshit.

    The problem with MMGW is that it is not science. It is pseudo-science which is being used by the left to advance their political goals. The MMGW crowd does not believe in debate. They have been trying to shut the debate down for years. They lied about data, hidden and altered data, and tried to destroy those who disagree. That is hardly what I would call scientific.
  8. Actually they did nothing of the sort. In fact, if you're referring to the "hidden" tree ring data, it was published ten years ago. I can even link you to the article abstract, if you like.
  9. Yeah, did nothing of the sort. They just, as the email said, played a little "trick" with the data. Does "science" include playing "tricks" with data? Its amazing, the data showed no warming, then they played a little "trick" with the data, then all the sudden it showed warming. Amazing. Your boy Michael Mann got caught red-handed again. Just deny everything and act as if nothing has happened and that will make the problem go away, it certainly worked with Tiger Woods.
  10. You understand, of course, that the "trick" refers to using actual measurements instead of proxy data.

    And the actual measurements showed an increase.
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