Climate change?

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  1. I cannot see all this fuss about " climate change"- who gives a dam to be honest- Prince Charles preaches it from England- but he has 5 gas got 5 Aston martins/Bentleys- all of which let off carbon emissons
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    runarounds for melting down the Arctic.
  3. who cares to be honest- there are 5 countries which claim sovereign rights to to antartic- mostly Britain and Norway, look up Amundsen V Scott
  4. once all the old people like you die off, everybody will care
  5. ''old white guys still rule the world''
  6. It's a way to kill off the poor and stupid.
  7. you maybe among them
  8. Weren't you the guys who couldn't see what all this fuss was about in India? I doubt you will ever understand what all the fuss is about climate change when you can't even understand why Obama (Burrraack) as you call him despises Winston Churchill.

    Oh well, it's a moot point. You'll do whatever we tell you to do. All the independent thinkers left England and started the USA. If you ever need a new idea let us know we have plenty of them.

    Otherwise you can just sit in your fog and wonder what all the fuss is about.

    (I realize this has nothing to do with climate change, I just felt like posting some fighting words. It's been a long time since we had a good old fashioned war with somebody we understand. Them Afghans is hard to figure out.)
  9. Well he may not like Winston Churchill.But I do not like Bummack Obama.
    Absolute useless guy and a waste of space.
  10. ok, now that we have that settled, hard to believe you don't care about the environment on some level. Do you just throw your trash in your yard, or do you care about the environment at that level? The earth is getting warmer and humankind is exasperating the problem. What problem you say? Maybe none for you, you can just keep the heat and air conditiong adjusted, but many plants and animals cannot adapt as quickly as the climate is now changing. What's the fuss? We know a lot more about trading than we do our own earth. We don't know yet what role each and every plant and animal plays in the well being of you and me and others who you may not have yet reached an empathetic concern for because it doesn't change the narrow world you think you exist in.
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