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    About bloody time

    Climate deal sealed by US U-turn

    The deal should lead to better protection for tropical forests
    Delegates at the UN summit in Bali have agreed a deal on curbing climate change after days of bitter wrangling.

    Agreement was reached after a U-turn from the US, which had wanted firmer commitments from developing countries.

    Earlier, the EU and US agreed that industrialised countries would not set firm emissions targets at this stage.

    The "Bali roadmap" initiates a two-year process of negotiations designed to agree a new set of emissions targets to replace those in the Kyoto Protocol.

    "I think we have come a long way here," said Paula Dobriansky, head of the US delegation.

    "In this, the United States is very committed to this effort and just wants to really ensure we all act together."

    Dramatic scenes

    The US acceptance came just minutes after it had signalled it would reject the compromise, a statement that drew boos from delegates in the conference hall.

    Thank God ( of any persuasion ) that Bird Brain in the White House has at last seen fit to agree to some sort of agreement to limit climate change.
    Some scientists even talk of a tipping point where the gentle climate change of the present could become a "runaway train" and fry the Earth. Come'on George II lets not ruin the only planet we have got for a few lousy bucks - you twat !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Please don't tell me that you've fallen for the red herring that is global warming Humpy...
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    Surely if 99% of the world's foremost climatologists think there is a serious problem with the climate warming up, then the rest of us should take notice !! and quickly OR are you better informed ???
    Your nick makes you sound a pretty hot sort of person - not burnt out hopefully ?
  4. 99% ? Is that all?
  5. Actually, it's 38%!
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  7. Humpy, have you ever considered that "global warming" may provide the perfect distraction for politicians while they lie, cheat, steal and squander tax payers money?
    Republicans, democrats and the rest...
  8. i thought Bill Clinton was a democrat? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

    granted he was always pulling it out for ugly women. :eek:
  9. So continuing in that vein, Al Gore's theories MUST be credible just because they have been published.
    At least you can trust a politician.
    Is he going to run for office again once he's save the planet?
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