Climate Change to be recorded at cause of death on Death Certificates

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    "Researchers at Australian National University (ANU) have called for ‘climate change’ to be recorded as a cause of death on death certificates. They claim that in Australia, the rate of people dying as a result of global warming may be 50 times higher than is officially acknowledged."

    What on Earth is going on in Australia?
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    Breitbart lol

  3. Fire made them loopy
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    I'm amazed and had no idea they were so far gone.

    Dude gets hit by a bus. Cause of Death: Climate Change
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    so don't expect anyone to read that garbage
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    What if what they write is true?
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    Good grief. Fit anything into your political narrative and it becomes BREAKING WORLD NEWS!

    "...Over the past 11 years in Australia, just 340 deaths have been recorded as being caused by excessive heat, but statistical analysis by two doctors with the Australian National University shows that 36,765 could have been attributed to heat..."

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

    Guess what you "statistical analysis" doctors with ANU...

    The one and only thing a person dies from is heart failure. Prove me wrong, with your fancy degrees.

    *mic drop*
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    it isn't
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