Cliffs in Cleveland? moooooooooo

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  1. Clf is Cleveland Cliffs

    there are cliffs in Cleveland and the company is called Cleveland Cliffs CLF

    Lots of iron to be mined. Need more iron for develpoment in China, Brazil and India and Russia.

    Cleveland Cliffs can deliver the iron.
  2. any info about the company itself?

  3. IRON STOCKS are IRON strong in this market.

    X , CLF, NUE, STLD, AKS , MTL you name it.
  4. Mschlau


    I had CLF in my IRA about 14 months ago. Ofcourse I sold it at 88 in the fall only to watch it run up to 180 and split. Still kicking myself for that one.
  5. what does mooooooooo mean? You are a weird one stock.
  6. IRON is STRONG, like me. I used to be called IRON MAN a few months back by my staff, partly due to the movie and partly due to my very effective paper trades. Now, they donot call me such name. I am a bit deflated aboutit.
  7. Socan a bowl of Total cereal. Donot underestimate your health needs.

  8. up 9% +

    these are Cleveland Cliffs-cliffs in Cleveland
    and they got iron to be mined

    CLF is Cleveland Cliffs

    Douglas Holtz Eakin is t3h $h17

  9. this turd got fudgepacked badly today

    Every buy order placed yesterday got matched with a sell of equal magnitude and in acordance to the energy level theory causing a total price negation.




    In care you're wondering I don't own it (I am long V and MOS)

    OIL down 5 bucks..go figure

    however, CLF WILL go back up though so it is still a buy.

    Not going to just ignore this stock cause it had a really bad day. I don't think anyone saw this coming. A lot of other industrial stocks like FWLT, X, PBR and the OIH also sold off in a similar pattern.

    good luck
  10. And it did...(as of now though)

    this is why buy & hold works better than over trading
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