Clients of Interactive Brokers top the list of the most profitable FX retail traders in the US

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    Source Finance Magnates:

    “In terms of performance by the brokerage, clients of Interactive Brokers continued to be the most savvy, once again leading traders at other brokers in terms of profitability."

    Interactive Brokers (“IB”) 44.0%
    Oanda 34.5%
    Gain Capital 29.0%
    IBFX/TradeStation 27.1%
    FXCM 28.0%

    They say our clients are more savvy, I’d like to think that along with them having the best opportunity to make money due to IB’s ability to provide institutional quotes without adding a spread (lowest cost), ability to work the bids/offers and by providing excellent executions during all market conditions.
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    yea I always recommend FX traders to IB def. :thumbsup:
  3. Can Ninjatrader be used to trade IB account?..
  4. YES
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    Yes, the NinjaTrader trading platform supports Interactive Brokers for FX trading. This is in addition to Futures and Stocks.

    You can download and use all the functionality NinjaTrader offers completely FREE, unlimited time with your Interactive Brokers account.