Clicked 3 threads and got 3 virus alerts

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by r-in, May 5, 2004.

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    So I'm out of here for awhile.
  2. My screen showed something wrong too, not sure if it was avirus. Something with "brabus" and "script"
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    you guys need to learn how to use a computer :-/
  4. i run AVG (update every day) and have NEVER been alerted to any of problems on any ET thread.

    quit downloading that porn~
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    Please copy and paste the output of your scanner warnings here. It would help to know what the virus warnings are.

    Without clear explanations of what was displayed by your virus scanner, there is no way to tell if we do not see that virus warnings because there aren't any, or because my scanner does not yet recognize the virus.

  7. I also got a virus warning on ET. I use eTrust EZ Antivirus (used to be Computer Associates). Here's the output I got:

    C:\Documents and Settings\.....\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\BTKN5199\count[1].js - HTML.MHTMLRedir.exploit trojan. Deleted.
  8. This is from CA:

    HTML.MHTMLRedir.exploit is a generic detection of web pages or e-mail messages which attempt to exploit the "MHTML URL Processing" vulnerability in Internet Explorer. For more information specific to this vulnerability, please visit our Vulnerability Information Center.

    This does not necessarily mean that a virus has been found. It merely means that HTML code was found which attempts to activate additional executable code without the user's express permission. This exploit can be used in a malicious web page or inside e-mail messages to execute code of the attacker's choice on the user's machine. Users of Internet Explorer and applications such as Outlook or Outlook Express that employs Internet Explorer to render HTML content are vulnerable to this exploit.
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    What exactly do you click on to get this warning?

  10. the warnings dissappear after I turn off the IE's javascript options.
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