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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. aph, have you figured them out?
  2. The swami one replaces ALL the cards.

    Any one you pick will disappear.Write down the cards first and see.
  3. hehe correct..

    how about the other one? if no one figures it out, i'll explain it later today.
  4. The other one? The whole Website disappeared!

    I got a 404 error, "NOT FOUND"
  5. yeah, now the site says: "This site is being moved to another server and should be available again within 48 hours."
  6. I knew the card one from a thread before on ET. The other one had me stumped but I figured it out. It was a bit freaky until I did, though.
  7. what was your conclusion? this is the answer:

    when you do the math it tells you to do, you will always end up with a number that is a multiple of 9. all the numbers that are a multiple of 9 have the same icon. here's what's really tricky though... every time you do it, all the icons change. however, the numbers that are multiples of 9 will still match. i think it's a cool trick. :cool:
  8. I suggest you delete this so that other people who come across this are left clueless for a few minutes like I was. :-D
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