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    On Friday, I heard on the news that they are pushing amnesty because 'enforcement is not realistic'.

    On Staurday, i was driving 25 mph in a 25 mph zone at noon. Stopped to a full stop at the stop line at a stop sign, in my safe, insured, registered car.I see a sherrif lookiing at me menacingly. I proceed forward and get lit up.

    Reason? SEAT BELT!!!!!!!!! $88 fine, no warning.

    I told the deputy 'I would like to respectfully submit that it's galling that we are told we cant enforce the 12 million illegal aliens, yet we have the resources to pull over a carefull driving citizen for a seatbelt'. He kind of shugged and smiled and I said 'I'm probably preaching to the chior' ad he nodded his head.

    Anyone else think this is bullsh*t?
  2. Yeah, i think its bullshit.

    Because the deputy was nodding , and thinking to himself, "oh yeah, i could totally take this guy down....what a smart ass".

    I shit you not, ive used similiarly polite manners of complaint, for similiar things, only to be told my complaint (no foul language on that occasion) could be construed as obstructing justice.

    Politely enquiring as to the basis/ionterpretation of a certain, piffling law on another occasion, i was informed a cop has no duty or requirement to comment, "you would have to ask a lawyer" the law isnt their job.

    Huh? If they dont know the law, how the hell could they enforce it??

    Well, enjoy your fine, and do buckle up.:)
  3. why did you even bother to argue? most cops have a brain the size of a watermelon seed and, depending on where you live, are inclined to use violence to make their point. they have a union to protect them too. just sign the ticket and go on your way.
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    i disagree, on 2 points

    1) I think the cop was a decent guy, and just doing his job. I think he understood my attitude and my point

    2) blatently uneven enforcement of the law, does not give the citizen a right to complain, it gives him a *responsibility* to hold the government accountable. This program highlights the government's actual contempt for the rule of law by harrassing citizens while ignoring laws on illegal aliens *in every community*

    Zero tollerance is a 2 way street

    (also, they're not giving legal advice is correct, they are acknowledging they have a conflict of interest)
  5. Now, now Devil, don't give credit where credit is not due...those watermelon seeds are the higher ranking officials like captains, sherrifs, and detectives. Most of the street cops have brains the size of a flax seed.

    By the way, I'm going back to re-read the original post. NO WAY could there have been just one cop. The police manual requires that a minimum of 4 cops appear for a non-moving violation. The first cop must wait in the patrol car until the other 3 (or more) cops arrive. Policy requires them to approach full speed and slam their brakes at the last second to dramaticize the event.

    All 4 cops are required to have their police lights turned on the entire time and block 80% of the roadway - both directions if it is a non-divided road. They must all have their search lights aimed directly at the driver and are required to prolong the stop for as long as they wish. The manual even recommends they take intermittent naps as they return to and from their squad cars.

    The traffic stop is complete once the dispatcher advises that the glaze at the local dunkin donuts has just been pulled from the oven. At which time, all 4 cops, along with the rest of the department, turns on their lights and sirens and proceed to blow every red light and stop sign on their way to the Krispy Kreme.

    Good day to you.

    P.S. All the while a crack head is breaking into the house in front of the traffic stop.

    What gets me is that most of those sons of bitches break more laws than the bulk of society.
  6. That guy's not gonna last with that attitude :)
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    Regardless if the cop agrees with you or not, he's got his quota... a man's got to eat you know! :)
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    I didnt stop completely in a 4 way stop and i didnt have my seat belt on...anyways the cop stopped me while he was ticketing another driver. as he turned around to continue with the other driver i happened to be able to manage to put my seat belt on...when he then turned to give me my ticket he said... "funny when i stopped you , you didnt have your seat belt on". I had to laugh..anyways instead of getting the $200.00 moving violation he just gave me the $89 seatbelt violation...so some are nice and some arent...its a gamble...and he mentioned he had to give me 1 ticket because he had a quota to filllll...
  9. Right, but if they used half a brain, they would go fill quotas on people that speed excessively or blow through reds at 50mph.

    Have 'em sit on any major intersection and they'll fill their quota quick. But yet they stop people for rolling through a stop sign at 2 mph.

    FYI - Sunday night I was returning home from visiting family. Must have been around 10:30pm or so. I was sitting at an intersection when the light had turned GREEN. I was bullshitting with the wife, so didn't jump on the gas. Lo and behold TWO cars blow through the red. And whaddyaknow...a third car blew the red. A fucking cop. At a minimum, I would have thought the cop would have pulled the other two over seeing that the following light was a red. Nope. Guess he had already filled his quota with seat belt infractions.

    All I ask is that they use half a brain...
  10. For those of you that think it this was an isolated incident, I just came back from lunch. Leaving the building, a cop ran a late red.

    Oh and as soon as I come back, Yahoo has the following article on the city with the worst driving habits.


    I know I'm going off topic here, but needed to vent. Patience is wearing thin and at a minimum, I would think that cops would lead by example (ha!).

    Cubano, please tell me why I should stay...
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