Clerks II

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by DouglasFir, Jul 7, 2006.

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    So is anyone else looking forward to Clerks II?

    I know Kevin said that he wouldn't return to the Viewaskewniverse outside of comics & toons after Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - but after promising Jason Mewes he could play Jay if he got clean (three years drug-free this year - yay Mewes!) and realising he still loved Dante and Randal after working on the Clerks 10th Anniversary DVD - well I'm glad we get to visit his little world one more time!
  2. Guy was a "one hit wonder". Should have left it alone.

    My guess is it's on DVD by Labor Day.
  3. TGregg


    Yeah, I gotta support that idea. All the great things about Clerks were novel. Even things like the name of the replacement clerk, Dante or whatever it was.

    Any add-ons seem like attempts to remilk the cow. It's a bad idea, no matter how well it is executed.
  4. Mewes struggled with opiate addiction his entire adult life, but was able to finally get clean on a sustained basis in <b>2003</b>.

    </b>2003 was the year buprenorphine was introduced to the U.S. market.</b> I'd bet my last bottle of subutex, this is no coincidence...