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  1. Just graduated and want to begin my career trading. Have a fair amount of experience trading many different markets. I Don't have the capital to trade on my own or jump in at an arcade. My resume is rather weak, Finance Degree from state school, and so I am not getting much response from good prop companies or hedge funds.

    I am going into my 3rd interview for a clerking position for a small, newly formed options trading company on the cboe. They say that I will have chances to move into a trading position after only a year or so if I earn it.

    My worries are: (1) they are strictly floor traders at this point, and I know that the trend is moving to electronic trading- which is where I have all my experience. (2) If they do go under, a clerking position probably doesn't give me many skills that are desirable for another trading position. (3) I have never even stepped foot on a trading floor.

    I need a way to get my foot in the door. Is clerking a good way to do that? Are my worries founded?
  2. Sure they are.

    The options floor still has legs for at least a few more years.

    You'll learn a ton.

    As more and more stuff migrates to the screen you'll be working for a group that'll hopefully be looking for a young guy to participate.

    It's worth the shot.

    You'll get premo knowledge and experience and then hopefully a shot.