Clemens says it was "Lidocaine and B-12" and not steroids or human growth hormone

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Roger Clemens is:

  1. Lying

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  2. Telling the truth

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  1. So, is Roger lying?

    Is he like Barry who said "I thought it was flax seed oil."
  2. Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said Thursday that waiting for the 60 Minutes interview to answer questions publicly was a decision recommended by Clemens' legal team.

    "Roger took bunches of his shots over his career, much the way racehorses do, unfortunately,'' Hardin said. "The reason he hasn't stepped out personally before now was really our decision, not his, and that was to more deliberately look into how in the world the Mitchell report could have reached what we believe was this totally wrong conclusion before we started talking out.

    Yeah, but they test racehorses for doping, and there isn't a horses union to block the testing.
  3. you make a good point for once Zzzzz10.

    BTW I thought you were dead.
  4. Lidocaine!?!?!?

    You gotta be effing shitting me. I'm a Rocket fan but he's coming with B-12 and Lidocaine???

    They all should come out say fuxx you...I been dosing since the minor leagues. I mean who really give a shit if Baseball players are juicing. I think they all 'roid up so they can all jack the ball 800ft. I'd watch more baseball if they did.