Clemency bid denied for gang killer

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  1. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger denied clemency today for convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams, saying the facts of the case do not justify blocking his scheduled execution. Williams, a convicted killer and co-founder of the Crips gang, is due to die by injection shortly after midnight local time. His death sentence sparked a debate over capital punishment, with his supporters claiming he is a changed man who writes books leading children away from gang life.

    from CNN.

    Justice served ?

    I think so..
  2. The only question now is will there be riots???
  3. The people of California can thank Gov. Arnold for vetoing drivers licenses for ILLEGAL aliens, vetoing gay marriage, renaming the holiday tree at the state capitol a "Christmas tree", and now, for denying clemency for the four time convicted murderer Stan Williams. They probably won't though . . .
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    Are there ever any death sentences that don't spark a debate?
    I just wish they would televise the execution on national TV. I think it would be a more effective deterrent.
  5. Bambino


    If would have been less costly to keep this man in prison for the rest of his life. Instead, we've wasted money on all these lawyers and appeals.

    An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.
    -Mother Teresa
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    Wow Governor Schwarzenegger seems to be making the right decisions.

    Christamas Trees, no illegals getting licenses, gays having to get a new name for a civil union, not staying this killers execution.

    If he were to drop the state income tax some I would have to move back.
  7. I did not spend a dime really and the state attorneys get paid an annual salary to handle these cases all the time.

    What really costs a lot of money was letting him sit on death row for 10 years.... as soon as the jury sentences him to death the bailiff should whip out his 9 and gaffle him shouting "Death Row is the label that pays me...."

  8. Bambino


    I've read studies proving my argument that in most cases it's more expensive to execute. Defense lawyers? Wasted time? Opportunity cost????

    Why not keep a Nobel prize nominee in the prison system? He's proven to be a model prisoners. More authors of childrens books are needed in the world today!!!!
  9. Hey nobody is stopping the kids from reading his books. I think it serves as a great example to kids what happens to people that choose the criminal lifestyle. There are plenty of gangsters in prison today, let one of them pick up the slack.
  10. If killers are killed, we have less killers. Period.
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