ClearView--Business Intelligence for the Financial Markets

Discussion in 'Events' started by TimP, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. TimP


    Market ICE, LLC has announced the release of its flagship product, the ClearView™ Active Trading Platform, as the first to present real-time financial markets business intelligence. ClearView™ provides institutional and retail trading customers with high-resolution information delivery services based on a fresh scientific view of the financial market.
  2. This should be good.
  3. trader99


    The Prez of the company is Norman Bates? hehe. LOL. J/K. His actual name is Norm Bates.

    Looks like a really cool product! Any demos?
  4. TimP


    the company offers a free trial. the client interface can be downloaded from the website.
  5. nbates


    I hope it is...we've tried a number of new things that "in the lab" have proven notably effective:

    a) sub-minute time series (1,5,10,15 & 30 second charts),
    b) two flavors of trend reversal detection (DSP and Wavelets),
    c) bias weighted ticks and shares for A/D analysis and trade frequency acceleration metrics (with unique presentation)

    We're just starting out, so if you'd like to give it a test drive and let me know what I can do to make the program more useful that'll be great!

    - NB -
  6. To the best of your knowledge, are 30 second charts the closest to real-time tick charts available?
  7. TimP


    others may claim 30-second data; ClearView offers 1- and 5-second data in its charts
  8. TimP


    We are not aware of other products offering charts, scans and alerts using data less than one-minute old. ClearView's high resolution time series data are not matched by other products of which we are aware.