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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Avid_Consumer, May 13, 2005.

  1. does anyone else feel lately like they would probably benefit from the globex clearing codes? i feel like i'm trading against 10 people

    has anyone with access mined into these and care to comment
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    What exactly are they? and what would they do for you?
  3. i haven't really looked into it, but my understanding is that they uniquely identify each trade's clearer by number, and exchange members can access them while retailers can not

    in a general sense, they offer the potential to associate trades with clearers, and pick up hints about the behavior of specific large players, the composition of the market, etc
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    What benefit would that provide. Just curious. Don't really understand it
  5. not really sure to be honest. on a day as thin as today, i might be able to associate one guys ER2 40 lot entry with his 8 5 lot exits, etc. who knows. maybe be able to say on this breakout bar, 65% of entrants were retail and thus help distinguish real moves from nothing moves. on thin symbols, it might tell a heck of a lot. or not. no idea

    i would imagine big MMs like timber and other wholesale players probably put it to use. from what i know, it doesnt give you the ability to map individual players, but it does give you the ability to model the behavior of everyone clearing thru firm xyz. all that 990N stuff was what first got me wondering how the info might be useful

    maybe the members are getting good edge off it?
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    I thought in futures, that stuff doesn't go on. I was under the impression that the big guys can't hide their size. That ist a level playing field unlike equities on the exchanges.
  7. well, again, i'm working off inference here, but i think it associates clearers.

    so for instance, to any member with the codes, all IB customers have one code. all RJ customers have one code. small clearers with a smaller number of large traders have one code (and would be a little easier to associate) etc. ... do MM's attempt to model clearer behavior? ie prefer to trade against retail over institutions, etc

    is there anyone big out there who clears themself?

    how are they used? please correct me if i'm off
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    Pay some floor clerk $20 to get you a book of all the codes.
    Maybe you can study the book over the weekend you GEEK!
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    EBO, crawl back under your rock.
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