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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by heryjr, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. heryjr


    Anyone can suggest a " Good/Decent" DAT firm that DOES NOT clear through PENSON.

    I'vd tried: COBRA, Lightspeed, Speedtrader, and they all go though PENSON, which sucks.....errors and charges that dont need to be there, etc.

    I love Cobra otherwise, their Customer Service is unparallel to anythyning I've seen out there, their per share comission is not bad, execution is slipage......I have had a bunch others like Tradestation (SOLID PLATFORM, but EXPENSIVE and RUDE, and AWEFUL FILLS on large orders), TD ameritrade (WORST EXECUTION and SPREADS), Scottrade (FAST BUT EXPENSIVE)......bla bla. But PENSON sucks and I cant deal with being a trader and a detective at the same time......always snooping and correcting errors, and funny thing thing is that is ALWAYS in their favor, never a penny my way, NEVER !!!!

    Any thoughts.
  2. Here are some other possibilities:

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