Clearer trends: ES or NQ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by EMini-Player, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. For the e-mini traders, which one has clearer trends, the NQ or the ES?

  2. they are equal :-/
  3. Ditch


    nq, imo
  4. I have never studied the difference of trendiness in any detail, but I have kinda gotten used to ES, and its tough to teach an old dog new tricks... ES is prolly a bit more whippy, but its cute to trade...
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    Es tends to jump around more than nq .during trends it's more whippy, during congestion nq tends to freeze, while es keeps jumping, however these characters can change on any given day. i've seen days lately where it was just the other way round.
  6. On the one-minute charts, I find that ES gives me more reliable setups. Although at times I wish that I had been following NQ, on balance I favor ES.


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    ES is getting choppy due to wider than called for tick increment & spread. You can see this in all the tails showing up in the 5-minute chart.

    Time for ES to trade in a .10 increment like the pit contract instead of the current .25 increment.
  8. Same could be said for NQ going down to .25...

    One day, ES trends better, another NQ...
  9. How would you quantify clarity of trend? I guess the quick answer is to look at your favorite oscillator.
  10. I took it to mean moving in a reasonably smooth way as opposed to having big pull backs and a lot of noise...

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