Clear Corretora launches NinjaTrader to Brazil’s active traders!

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    Denver, CO, June 10, 2014 – NinjaTrader, LLC and Clear Corretora have partnered to bring the award
    winning NinjaTrader platform to traders of the BM&F Bovespa Exchange. Clear Corretora was formed
    by an elite team of industry professionals committed to becoming Brazil’s leading brokerage for active
    and sophisticated retail traders. NinjaTrader’s worldwide popularity, low cost and numerous client
    requests made it an easy selection for Clear.

    “We are extremely excited to become NinjaTrader’s exclusive Brazilian brokerage partner”, said Clear’s
    Commercial Director Roberto Lee. “To meet our charter of becoming the #1 active trader brokerage in
    our market,” continued Lee, “we required a world-class platform which, when combined with the
    NinjaTrader Ecosystem of over 400 partners, delivers unparalleled functionality and flexibility”.

    The launch of NinjaTrader to the Brazilian market fills a large void that exists between retail and
    institutional traders of Latin America’s largest exchange and the 5th most populous country in the world.
    To close the gap, Brazil’s retail traders have been actively campaigning for access to NinjaTrader’s award
    winning analytics and trade execution which contributed to the establishment of this partnership.

    “NinjaTrader is pleased that Brazilian traders recognized our advanced capabilities and vast partner
    Ecosystem which helped bring us together with Clear Corretora”, said Raymond Deux CEO of
    NinjaTrader. “Clear’s proven management team combined with their intense focus on the active retail
    trader is an excellent fit for NinjaTrader and we expect quick and significant growth in this emerging new

    The new NinjaTrader offering will support a variety of BM&F Bovespa products and is immediately and
    exclusively available to clients of Clear Corretora. Please contact Clear Corretora at or +55 11 3957-9191 to open an account or inquire about NinjaTrader.

    About NinjaTrader, LLC
    Founded in 2003, NinjaTrader, LLC ( quickly emerged as a leading developer of
    high‐performance trading software. NinjaTrader is a FREE application for advanced charting, market
    analytics, system development and trade simulation. Discretionary, end‐of day and automated systems
    traders can trade futures, forex and equities through hundreds of supporting brokerages worldwide.
    NinjaTrader sets the benchmark for trading software and continues to invest in new product
    development. Based in Denver, CO, NinjaTrader, LLC serves the global trading community with locations
    in Chicago, IL, Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Bamberg, Germany.

    About Clear Corretora
    Clear ( is a 100% individual traders focused brokerage house, specialized on more
    experienced traders that now seek a more sophisticated solution to their trading needs. Combining
    market knowledge and high-end systems infrastructure, we provide advanced solutions with a
    reasonable pricing policy. Clear´s staff combines strong academic background with large executive
    experience, providing efficiency and knowledge from the trading desk to the post-trading complexities.

    Clear Corretora is a brokerage house founded in 2012 by 2 experienced futures traders (José Rossetto
    and Mauro Benati) and operations director Paolo Mason, commercial director Roberto Lee and IT
    director João Procópio. The 3 latter identified that individual inexperienced traders already had full
    trading support from traditional brokerage houses and came up with the idea of putting together one
    that fully understands the active traders´ needs and that provides them not only with a skilled support
    team but also a strong infrastructure background and an aggressive pricing policy as well. Within 2
    years, Clear became the leader in futures traded among individual traders and is regarded as arguably
    the most high-tech brokerage house in Brazil.
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    That's very good news. There was a lack of professional trading platforms available for us. Hope this helps bring more liquidity to futures trading...