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  1. What in the hell is up with Clear Channel lately? What is this sudden decency drive? I mean, we all know what kind of things we'll hear when we tune into Howard Stern, Don & Mike, etc. Why does Clear Channel have the right to decide what I want to listen to? Perhaps I'll just listen to mp3's while driving around from now on.

    How about that, Clear Channel? How about you watch your advertising revenue dry up because you won't let your DJ's say anything that can be deemed "inappropriate in a sexual or derogatory way."

    People don't listen to talk shows because we want constant weather reports. We listen to the because we like the personality of the DJ and the type of show they run.

    What's happening here in America? Do they not trust our ability to turn the volume down or change the channel when we listen to something that "offends" us?

    Why are we suddenly walking on eggshells in this country?
  2. It's all about power. Big brother likes to flex his muscles every so often, just to keep the citizens of Oceania in line. Big brother couldn't give two shits and a fuck about 'indecency', 'illegal drugs', gambling, or prostitution. But POWER & CONTROL...well, that's a different matter entirely...
  3. howard stern is great.

    i think we should flood the airwaves with boobs 'til the brainwashed, traditional, social conservatives realize that BOOBS ARE NOT BAD. as i think someone else said here, WHY DON'T WE BLINDFOLD BABIES THAT SUCK THEIR MOTHER'S NIPPLES? lol

    p. s. this is the same sh!t as some traditional ASS telling me to take my hat off in a building or while i eat. repetition of mindless nonsense for no reason other than it is the way it has been done before.
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    gordon I too had a run in with a hat guy when I was younger. At the time I asked why and I said that I wanted equal rights with women. He gave me "the you are a young idiot" look and walked away.

    I am older now. And I say GG where do we draw the line. Do we want a civil society or a bunch of (I will not go into it.) But I wish the equivalent of a bunch of hoodlums dominating the airwaves 20 years from now for you guys. I mean to me I see a bunch of posers spout nonsensical garbage and saying bitch 99.9 percent of the time. It is so not "real". Do not even get me started on some suburban kid winning the pipe at the X games and then talking to the annoucer as if he was joe gangsta. In fact if hip hop was realy about what it claims to be about they will have to start creating big band music or something because hip hop is old tired, commercial, sold out and chessy.

    Anyway. Should people wear shirts in your buildings. How about clean clothes. How about pants. Should they bathe. I mean its all just pick your behavior and where do you draw the line. So the guy telling you to take your hat off is really not much different than the guy telling to put on some underwear, zip your fly and check your knife at the door.
  5. btw, my hat problems were when i was younger, too, but i still remember them and it still annoys me. if it ever happens again, whoever says it to me will have messed with the wrong person.

    i want someone who is anti-boob to answer this: based on what should a female nipple not be seen on tv but a male nipple can? I'M SERIOUS. I WANT A GOOD ANSWER NOW. anyone who can't come up with a good answer, maybe you should consider the idea that your thought process is a bunch of sh!t.

    seriously think about it. where is the logic in that a baby can see a female nipple (and suck on it, too) while young, but then from like 2-17 the female nipple is forbidden. male nipple, no problem there. then at age 18, the female nipple is available for viewing again.

    who is determining this nonsense?? it's obviously total bs so why should it be respected?!?! janet jackson probably showed her nipple to PROTEST what she knows is bs. she did this country a favor and only f*cking idiots don't realize it.
  6. Howard has been doing the same show over and over again for 20 years. Roughly the same cast of characters. Somehow, the show is in jeopardy because of something a listener said over the airwaves, the blasted "N" word in particular.

    Howard really receives no credit for policing his own show. Guest regularly spout out curse words and Howard iand crew are all over them regarding the use of such language.

    I find some Hip Hop and Rap to be really offensive based upon the lyrical content. Apparently that doesn't stop Clear Channel stations from playing the music. Apprently if the offensive content is in musical form it's acceptable

    Sounds like a double standard.

    If I understand correctly, the FCC has received roughly 37,000 complaint, for a period of 320 airings. Not a really large number based upon the number of listeners. Most of the complaints are in the style of form/boiler plater letters from some of these family council groups on the far right. Talk about a minority interest inflicting it's standards on the population as a whole.

    If you don't like the content, don't listen. Nobody held a gun to the fat folks suing McDonalds, nor is anyone forcing HS upon them either.


  7. crackedback, i was thinking same thing. i cant believe howard can crank out same tired show year after year. i just shake my head at his success, his show is so predictable and so boring and so uninspired so lacking in creativity..

    in beginning i thot howard was a bit more creative but in end he turned out to be just another...

  8. i like listening to Stern every now and then. i live in SD where clear channel was the only broadcaster of stern. im all for free speach, power to the little guy but side with clear channel on this one. last time i heard stern was wednesday on the way to Big Bear for some snowboarding. Stern was complaining they took him off becuase he backs Kerry - not becuase of the n word. He claimed his support of other politicians got them the swing vote and elected. Its just hyporcritical that Stern thinks his backing of politicians is Ok (which it is) but Clear Channel taking him off the air for the same reason (get stern out of florida) are not. Clear channel is also a competitor to who Stern works for and they probably pay big bucks to air him.
  9. Here is another little item that may be driving Clear Channel.

    If Stern is removed from the airwaves, he may head to Satellite. I don't believe Infiniti has a large stake in satallite radio. Clear Channel owns something along the lines of a 30% stake in XM Satallite Radio....... If CC can kill the giant at Infiniti, their main rival, and drive him to a medium which they are heavily invested, doesn't it make sense to attempt to drive him off all open airwave stations.......

    Let's parade to congress about decency, then pick up the flotsom and place it on my satallite.

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    News for 'CCU' - (DJ Howard Stern: My Show On US Radio Stations Is Over)

    NEW YORK (AP)--Shock jock and self-proclaimed "King of All Media" Howard
    Stern believes his reign on the radio is coming to an end.
    "The show is over," he said Friday morning on his nationally syndicated
    radio program. "It's over."
    It's not -at least not yet. But Stern predicted that a Federal
    Communications Communication crackdown on indecency on the airwaves will
    force his frequently salacious show off the dial.
    "I'm guessing that sometime next week will be my last show on this
    station," said Stern, adding that he expected the FCC to hit him with a
    whopping indecency fine. "There's a cultural war going on. The religious
    right is winning. We're losing."

    Urges Vote Against Bush -Newsday

    A report in Saturday's Newsday quoted Stern as urging listeners to "vote
    George Bush out of office. That's all I ask."
    A telephone call to Infinity Broadcasting, which syndicates Stern's
    show, wasn't returned Saturday to discuss Stern's comments, The Associated
    Press reported. Infinity Broadcasting is a subsidiary of Viacom Inc.
    Clear Channel Communications (CCU) yanked Stern from stations in San
    Diego, Pittsburgh, Rochester, N.Y., Louisville, Ky., and Fort Lauderdale
    and Orlando, Fla. on Feb. 25. The company said the suspension would last
    until the Stern show met its programming guidelines.
    "This time they have to fire me," Stern said. "I'm through. I'm a dead
    man walking."
    On Thursday, Clear Channel paid a record $755,000 fine levied last month
    by the FCC for indecent material aired by several of its stations.

    (END) Dow Jones Newswires
    03-06-04 1608ET- - 04 08 PM EST 03-06-04

    Stern's been practically counting down the days until his contract came up for renewal. On his show he was saying he was going to leave, long before the whole indecency flak came up. The timing couldn't have been better for him - now he has an excuse.

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