Clear channel and RDA both bought

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    by private equity firms......

    another 2 deals, these private equity firms are unstoppable. Flipping companies just like houses.
  2. Private equity firms are the target of preliminary investigation by the US Justice Dept. into possible antitrust behavior.

    Investors are claiming they would have recieved a higher price for their shares if the buyout firms had not formed teams among themseleves that scared away other competitors.

    Investors in the target companies are deprived of the full economic value of their holdings and squeezed out at artificially low valuations.
  3. Yeah that makes total sense, considering the % premium they get and the run up prior to the news.

    They got no chance in court. Only the morons would claim smth ridiculous about low valuations, only reason they even getting bought out is because the paper pushers have too much liquidity access. There is no real buying interest, just luck of the draw based on protectionist covenants (poison pill, etc)

    CCU & RDA are not worth what they getting, these idiots needs to STFU and say "Thank you"