Clear American Majority Want Illegals Deported - Yet Government Pushes AMNESTY!!

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    From the horses mouth:

    - Border security and immigration was cited as the number one issue facing the United States in terms of domestic security by 36% (source: Zogby)

    - The majority of Americans (59%) believe the more effective way to deal with the potential treat to national security posed by millions of illegal immigrants living within the United States is to crack down on illegal immigration by toughening the enforcement of existing laws, deporting illegal immigrants and prosecuting the employers who illegally employ workers. (source: Zogby)

    - A Washington Post poll taken in mid-April, 2007 found that 81% of those polled said the federal government was not doing enough to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration.

    - 54% of Americans questioned in a Bloomberg Poll believe illegal aliens harm the US economy.

    - 53% of California voters—one of the three most liberal States in the country—favor rounding up and deporting illegals.

    - To a majority of American citizens—both white and black—illegal aliens are the number one problem facing this nation.

    - Sixty-six percent of those questioned in the Oct. 2, 2006 poll agreed that the population increases caused by the current level of immigration—both legal and illegal—will negatively impact the quality of life in the United States by causing more congestion, overcrowding, pollution—and lower income levels as more people compete for fewer available jobs.

    - A Pittsburgh Tribune-Review poll taken between July 11-18, 2006 indicated that 71% of US citizens polled are convinced that illegal aliens pose a significant threat to the United States.

    - 77% percent of those polled (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) want the federal government to deport illegal immigrants back to the country they came from

    In the most reputable poll (Zogby) nearly 2/3rds of Americans want illegals to GET THE FUCK OUT, yet our Congress, Senate and President is pushing blanket amnesty for tens of millions of illegals.

    This is not America. This is a Criminal Syndicate who runs our Government - bought and paid for by Corporate America.