Cleaning thermal paste off a socket...

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  1. In a crazy, insane moment, I put the CPU upside-down on the socket, leaving traces of thermal paste inside the holes... :eek:

    Which are the solution to clean the socket, hoping that no paste is filtered down on the the layered plate (where the CPU pins has its contacts with the board circuit)?

    - B.
  2. Isopropyl Alcohol and a lint free applicator.
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    right on the money.
  4. The alcohol is for your nerves!
  5. Better not try that. Isopropyl alcohol is toxic. (And no, "filtering it through a loaf of bread" won't make it safe to drink.)
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    Hey, it worked in high School, as did AfterShave through bread. And look I'm ok, I sit in a small room all day staring at 3 tiny screens, screaming "go up, go down, c'mon f***in piece of sh** GO!" :D :D
  7. I've installed the CPU on top of the cleaned socket...hopefully the CPU is recognized by the BIOS and the mb loaded the default setup. I tweaked them as needed an booted the PC regularly.

    Then I tested it with Prime95.

    - What would you do now as testing to check whether this hardware setup is really reliable after that unfortunate issue?
  8. if the PC boots normally, everything is fine
  9. btw I used a minuscule screwdriver to remove most of the paste inside of the holes, cotton tipped applicator and alcohol.
  10. Is that Italian made??
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