Classroom tricks in the era of Zoom

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    Sneaky schoolboy dubbed ‘bonafide genius’ thanks to Zoom trick which duped his teacher for weeks

    A CHEEKY schoolboy has been labelled a “genius” thanks to his sneaky way of getting out of answering questions on his class Zoom lesson.

    In fact, it took his teacher weeks to discover the boy’s scheme, which involved changing his name to “Reconnecting” so she thought he was having internet problems.

    TV presenter Chris Arnold tweeted: "My wife is a teacher and apparently one kid has been changing his name to 'Reconnecting' during the Zoom lessons so that he doesn't get asked any questions.

    "Been doing it for weeks. The lad doesn't need to worry about his education, he's already a bona fide genius."

    The tweet quickly went viral, with thousands praising the boy for his clever ploy.

    One said: "LOL this kid is going places."


    Another joked: "I am not sure whether to be excited that the future is bright with this kid or worry that he may choose a political career."

    Other people shared the other ways their kids have been evading work.

    One dad shared: “My son said some of his friends had set a looped moving image of themselves staring at the computer screen as their profile pic.

    "Also lots of kids having private chatrooms to cheat on tests or in case someone gets called on in a lesson and wasn't paying attention."

    Another said: "Sounds like my son! Thinking I was clever turning off the WiFi to get him off his Xbox.

    "He was one step ahead of me and connected his mobile hotspot from his phone to his Xbox and had been playing for hours!"

    And one parent commented: "We’ve seen “buffering...” and also kids setting their names to the name of another kid in the class and then posting rude comments in the chat.

    "You can’t prove who it was because there’s now multiple kids with the same name!"

    A teacher chimed in: "Last summer a kid set his profile to a photo of 3/4 of his face staring at the camera with a background of a wall in his room.

    "Mandated cameras on, but you couldn’t tell if his was on or off—if you’re going to do that good of a job being awesome, I’m not going to stop you."
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    So now we get a trophy for being not just a loser, but a cheater.

    And to think that when I was in Junior High, some punk kept pestering and threatening to beat me up though the semester to let him cheat on my math papers, while in the class. He'd lean over and whisper all this shit in my face. Finally one day I had enough, stood up and told him to put up his fists. He just sat there like a lump.

    I of course was kicked out of class and sent to the dreaded Principal's office.

    These days, the roles would be reversed. I'd be in jail, and that kid would get special mental treatments for being threatened with violence.
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  3. The best special mental treatment I can imagine would be a brain bath. In this procedure the brain would be extracted from the skull, cleansed in a soothing balm of nutrients, and then re-inserted (and all the nerves etc connected up). Alternatively as a punishment for miscreants, such as the school bully mentioned by Overnight, the brain would be stewed in a tub of vinegar.