Classiness in the NFL

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  1. Tom Coughlin is a class act.

    He told his men to take a knee on the 10 yard line on a clearly beaten and demoralized Bears.

    Bill Bellichek are you watching??
  2. The offensive line of the Bears are an embarassment to professional football. You're right though, the Bears were a clearly beaten down team by the end of the game, and the Giants had no need to further demonstrate that fact.
  3. why can't cutler get rid ball quicker
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    The NY Giants are, for the most part, a class organization from the top down.
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    Btw, anyone watch Pittsburgh?
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    I think that's freakin weak sauce. Who cares what the score is? You compete on every play. That's what I want from my opponent. I understand what you guys are saying, but I don't think Belichick is a dick for fighting for 4 quarters. Not at all. Anything less demeans the sacredness of the competition. Show your opponent respect by competing the whole way through.
  7. Yes, class move, a term Bellichick wouldn't understand.