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    For the first time ever! You can receive a copy of “How I successfully lose money in the markets everyday!” Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best losing traders ever. Most of these traders started with 100k and ended up with nothing! Want to learn how they turned riches in to rags? Don’t wait a minute longer order your copy now! Just listen to what a few traders just like you have to say about this groundbreaking book!

    I have been trading the stock market for over 7 years and although I tried to lose I was profitable 72 months in a row. Finally after learning the hidden techniques in this revolutionary book I have managed to finally turn the corner on my trading and have already lost half of my account. Thank you. A very happy customer.

    A wonderful read…not complex like those other trading books that just go right over your head. I never knew it could be so simple when applied with common sense. Who knew that shorting into major “short squeezes” would produce such wonderful losses in only a few days! You have shaved years off my learning curve. I think its now possible for me to be back in the corporate world in less than 2 months because of you. Thanks!

    I especially like the chapter entitled how to double down every time your stocks goes against you. This new position sizing technique was always hidden in the hands of those select few losing traders. Now I get to learn from the masters. In fact after finishing this book I was able to lose over 5 grand in just one trading day! Well worth the price, of what will surely become one of the classics reads in years to come.

    There you have it folks…Happy Customers…What else do you need to know. Don’t wait any longer while other losers hand back their money faster than you. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity please act now!
  2. Already got a copy! :D

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    I'm glad you are happy with the publication. I spent quite a bundle testing the methods I present in the book - many of which I still use today!

    - The Author :(
  4. If you pay me to buy this book - I'll consider it - that's fair isn't it?
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    In my opinion the best part is the last chapter where the author tell you in plain english how to handle the psychological impact of those huge rewards and also help you dealing through the situation with your bat -in-hand wife . It worths the money just for that priceless info so hurry up, buy this trading jewel and don't forget to hide all the bats , sticks and hammers around.
  6. Very funny! Thanks for the LOL.