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  3. While we are on the subject of Pivot Points

    I like the "RealTime" pivot point Journal

    I also like the actual "Live Demo" thread

    and the "Live Demo" question & answer thread

    I like the T-REX Journal also

    I also like the marketsurfer Journal

    and damir00 Journal

    I also like the forex journal by this guy (he's awsome)

    "Bully on the Playground" - this was very good. (CLASSIC)

    Ego Challenge -(Definately a CLASSIC!)

    26 Sept 2003

    29 Sept 2003

    01 Oct 2003

    02 Oct 2003 (Last and Final Challenge) CLASSIC!

    and last but not least this one (How high the S&P 500)

    ........this one is still in the making.

    I wish that I could trade as good as these guys. They are truely awsome especially T-REX, marketsurfer, & Canibus.