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  1. names have been changed, but this is part of the actual conversation I just had with a certain broker about my statement, They are going to email me back when they figure it out...........

    Customer: if I change the denomination will I be able to view past reports in the new denomination as well?
    Broker: one moment I will find out
    Broker: you would not be able to view the old statements in the new denomination
    Customer: ok, we need to calculate our portfolio for the 30th September 2009 in JPY (it is currently in USD), is it possible to get the exchange rates for that day so we can calculate it manually?
    Broker: You would need to look up that exchange rate online, I do not have that information
    Customer: what time of day, adn what source do you use for those exchage rates?
    Broker: I do not know what source you would use, I am sure that you can search for exchange rates on line, as for the time of day, I would assume that you would need to use the closing rates
  2. What else would you expect?

    Come on dude, they're not in business to hold your hand.

    It's your account. Show some responsibility and look up the data and calculate it yourself!

    Otherwise, take your business to a "full service" broker.

    Then you'll be complaining about the fees.
  3. jtnet


    i dont see the big deal?

    the rate does change through out the day...

    why cant u just pick any value from that day and use it to convert...
  4. Risktaker, can handle not getting the specific rate or total. but Come on, not being able to tell me the source or timing of the rate they use on their statement? Shouldn't need a full service broker to do that.