Classic Cramer from Real Money 2 weeks back.

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  1. Just Buy Something
    By James Cramer

    About this story:
    It has been easy to be bullish the last couple of days because there's something for everyone. The bull market is broad. Get into something that would make you feel blessed if it went down over the next three or four sessions.
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    sorry what's your point?
  3. this guy on real money talking about cramers call to just buy something at 11k.
    The Bull's Sheet
    1/20/2006 12:12 PM EST

    Okay, let's review the Bull's Sheet (say that 3 times fast):

    At 11,000, we were told to "Just Buy Something."

    Then Dupont and Alcoa missed - they were unable to pass along price increases - but not to worry, many people proclaimed it was specific to just those companies.

    Then Yahoo! and Intel and Apple and eBay made bad noises. But again, don't y'all worry yer purty little heads over it. Not only were these company specific problems, it was also due to reg FD -- management cannot give excessively bullish guidance, at least not the way they used to lie to us.

    Not to worry, the "Pain of Lowering Bar in Tech Will Pay Off."

    Now GE misses.

  4. My point is that he told everyone ie the public that views his show to get in at 11,000 precisely when every institution was screaming sold to you!!

    Sorry if you listen to him.
  5. ppl listen to cramer? i thought watching his show was like going to the zoo. you just throw the gorilla peanuts every once in a while to make sure he keeps the show going
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    :D Thats Funny.
    Jim Cramer does have a persistant fundamental plan;
    & has had it for may years. Strange how he makes it work better than S&P average.

    Its not just his humor ,he does have a sell - sell button which he uses;
    unlike many who play analyst & unlike some who play analyst with the word ''hold''. meaning /disguised sell.

    And unlike many on wall street who pretend to'' know something'';
    he stresses doing research, like IBD