class action payment experiences

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fusionz, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. fusionz


    In april 2004 I was trading ABIX and unfortunately I got caught in the ABIX halt. I lost about 5k and for some reason decided to participate in the class action settlement. I submitted the paperwork a couple days after the deadline :p and got a response a few months later that it had been accepted. Still, I only expected pennies on the dollar at best. But to my surprise, today I got the mail with a check for about $1200. Not much, but 24% of losses recovered is better than 1% or 2%!

    I would like to hear any other experiences with class action payments.
  2. ksd79


    I was included in a AOL Time Warner class action suit, but was not as fortunate as you. I lost about 4k and 2 years later I received a check for 87 dollars.:(
  3. Anyone get paperwork for the JADE lawsuit ? I'm gonna submit the paperwork and see if I can get any $$
  4. You can make more money by being one of the attorneys or expert-witnesses involved in the suit.
  5. I was included in one of these cas's and was asked to make copies of my trades. My return was less than the price of the copies. And did I ever tell you about the cas on my toyota. Well! Never mind.:D