CLass action against FED

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  1. FED must pay to everyone who was short today at the start of day and can prove it
  2. You'll probably have better luck blaming your data vendor or ISP for your losses.


  3. Everytime you short and the market goes up someone will be to blame... wll you always sue when you lose :D
  4. And people are quick to call me stupid...
  5. it raises an interesting question though. obviously when you short you take the risk that natural free market forces move the market against you.

    what about when it's a deliberate action by a quasi governmental body to save failing institutions who used too much leverage? isn't that the ultimate form of manipulation to favor a small specific group of participants who made poor trading decisions?

    what is 'too big to fail' supposed to mean in a supposedly free market? if the market isn't allowed to pursue natural corrections, isn't that the same as rewarding participants for 'bad' decisions?

    we might all trade 60 to 1 leverage if we knew we'd get bailed out of trouble
  6. learn 2 use stop loss.
  7. The market was down plenty in the early morning before the afternoon rebound. It not like the markets suddenly surged after the fed. Do you shorts honestly believe that without the fed the dow would fall below 12900? Fat chance.
  8. def missing the point
  9. #1 sign of a losing retail trader...

    doesn't take responsibility for his own trades.

    i've seen it over and over again. traders who blame anybody but themselves are not ever going to be professional profitable traders.
  10. oh please. you could say the #2 sign is a guy who always shows up bragging about his prowess or playing know-it-all

    i'm not a short. i've been doing fine lately. point is re the sustainability of an economy based on lax credit and bailouts. legality of bailouts, etc
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