Clark Sees `Very Good Rally' for U.S. Stocks

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    March 30 (Bloomberg) -- Harry Clark, chief executive officer of Clark Capital Management Group, talks with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker about the outlook for U.S. stocks.

    Clark also discusses investment strategy and the outlook for Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp. and General Electric Co. (Source: Bloomberg)

    00:00 Prediction for "very good rally" for stocks
    02:07 Investment strategy: Ford, GM, GE, ETFs
  2. Nicely 'uncorrelated' and 'diversified' bets by a long-only manager. I'll go all in :cool:
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    Yeah. Maybe even levered 10:1.
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  5. Ever notice how people "see moves" after they themselves have bitten?
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    A fund manager saying the market looks good and is about to rise.

    What a surprise............
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    Would you like me to give 100 other predictions in which Mr. Clark was absolutely wrong?

    Here's a sample that can be found on their website on the investment reports posted in pdf formats.

    From First Quarter 2008 report:

    "Home builder stocks, as measured by
    the home builder exchange traded fund (ETF), peaked
    May 22, 2007 and had declined by 55% into January of
    2008. It appears that the ETF might have bottomed at
    that point because it has rallied by 30% since that low."

    "...the market was undervalued by
    45% on the Fed’s valuation model and that the undervaluation
    would likely put a floor under the market and
    prevent a drastic decline. Well that model now shows
    the market to be 50.6% undervalued which is more undervalued than at the bottom of the bear market of
    2000-02. Again, I believe that this will prevent any
    kind of major further decline."

    "Is there any chance for this year to even be slightly
    positive? Yes, I believe there is a very good chance!
    Let me explain! I believe that the stock market made a
    panic low on January 22nd."

    :p :p
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    Who would have though that?

    Somebody who makes his money from customers buying stocks suggesting that 'buying on weakness' is the thing to do..........
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    A Long/Short and Short Fund Manager , Kass:


    Despite a not-so-surprising selloff yesterday, the stock market's performance, by nearly any measure, for the month of March was impressive.
    At the risk of making a market statement based on one day's performance, equities failed to collapse and staged a reasonably good late-day recovery, which has continued into this morning's futures ramp.

    Anecdotally, the bears came out of hibernation in force throughout Monday on the pages of RealMoney; on CNBC, with the possible exception of Jim "El Capitan" Cramer on "Mad Money"; and in three meetings I had with fund of funds managers in my office yesterday, who, respectively, forecast new lows for the S&P 500 of 500, 550 and 600.

    The fact is that few, if any, believe a sustainable market rise is on the horizon. Rather, the almost universal view is that the rally from the March low was a classical bear market rally.

    I respectfully demur and have taken the variant view that the March low was of major significance, likely a generational low.

    Tactically, I covered my trading shorts from Thursday into yesterday afternoon's downturn.

    I continue to believe that, after a shallow pullback (which we might have already witnessed), the market is poised for a saw-toothed advance into the summer to 1,050 on the S&P, which is far in excess of even the more optimistic market participants' expectations.

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