CL vs. Gold and NG

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  1. So the historical relationship between gold and crude oil is that an ounce of gold will usually buy about 15 barrels of oil. Using this math right now, it gives us a price of about $43 per barrel. A barrel of oil is about 5.8 Million BTUs or should be about 5.8x the price of NG approx. 5.8*NG right now gives us about a $41 barrel of oil. These spreads seem at very stretched levels. What are your thoughts on this spread coming in in the next 6 months? What would your opinion on a long gold, short 2 oil, long NG trade right now to play the spread coming in?
  2. I don't think that analysis is correct, industry rely on oil not gold. gold is mostly used at a method to store value.
  3. here is an old article on the gold - oil relationship

    you might just want to try the crude - nat gas spread

    but using QM and QG ( mini contracts )

    and adjust accordingly

    just be careful

    as the history books are littered with traders and the spreads that crushed them

    good luck

    ps I think the CL - NG spread was even wider late last yr