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    This thread is created to provide an ideal place for those who trade the crude oil futures (CL) to generate and exchange ideas, as well as post live calls. You're well advised to follow a few simple rules regarding DOs and DON'Ts:

    1) Do post trades in Real time, including entries and exits (stops are optional*).
    2) Do provide market analyses, be they your own personal insights or breaking news.
    3) Do post charts, whenever possible, for visual analysis.

    4) Don't post off-topic rubbish or nonsense.
    5) Don't get embroiled in flame wars: No personal attacks or inflammatory remarks are allowed.
    6) Don't preach how others should trade and refrain from condescension of any kind.

    * Don't post unrealistic stops. Note that while nobody can accuse you of paper trading, your credibility as a trader will greatly diminish should you sit through a 20 point loss only to close out your trade flat.

    • UPDATE 1

      7a) Opening Trades:
      From now on, all opening trades MUST be posted in realtime. No exception.

      7b) Closing Trades:
      Likewise, it is advisable that all closing trades be posted in realtime with one exception:

      If you feel that you will not be physically available to post the trades, you MUST post your stop at the time of your entry.

      8) Paper Trades:
      Without sounding too coy, I'm going to opt for a "dont ask, don't tell" policy on this matter. However, there is nothing wrong with paper trading per se. Nor should anyone feel ashamed about it. Paper trading is a great way for beginners to learn the ropes. Be that as it may, paper traders MUST also abide by the same rules outlined above.
  2. schizo


    Short 72.18

    Stop 72.35
  3. how many CL cars you throwing?
  4. schizo


    3 lots at the moment.
  5. awesome!
  6. schizo


    I have a good feeling that they will sell this baby going into the dead zone in about 2 hours.
  7. schizo


    Well, so much for all the fuzzy feelings. Just got stopped out at 72.35.
  8. spd


    just curious, do you trade with a stop that tight during the busier hours?
  9. F. d'Anconia

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    awesome idea for a thread but why no screenshots ??

    (its such an easy thing to do). My opinion is that any post that clearly states a claim to an entry or exit but does not contain a screen shot should be automatically deleted by EliteTrader.

    The quality of posts on Elite would go up exponentially if this policy was adopted.

  10. schizo


    Yes I do. I usually like to put a lid at 30 cents for all my stops. The reason is two-fold. First, if I need anything larger than that, then either my entry is bad or my timing is off. Second, should I be wrong, I could either reverse my position (ie. long to short and vice versa) or re-enter at a later time for a better price.
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