CL low $ margin/high volume spreads...suggestions?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by increasenow, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. CL of end of day March 22, 2011

    CL july-august is at -.24 (CME span margin per one contract $675)

    CL august-september is at -.16 (CME span margin per one contract $540)

    CL september-october is at -.08 (CME span margin per one contract $405)


    ...which would you buy and/or sell and why? Low margins to enter and great volume per each...
  2. TheMan


    another !!!!!!!!CITSATNAF thread

    started by INCY DOODLE DANDY

    how many threads do you think you have started?


  3. The term structure is flat, so currently very little opportunity in the switch. lol to "comments"
  4. Adamk


    Oil is going to 200 what more do you want
    just buy it and buy it now
  5. 100 or so?
  6. Wowsers....I don't think I've started more than one or two MAX

  7. TheMan


    how many would you say went anywhere at all?

    ballpark number