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  1. CL Lim

    CL Lim

    By using a modified CANSLIM chart-reading approach, I'm sharing my personal watchlist that is a result of my screenings. They are in my radar of possibly purchasing during the week if need be. Some stocks shown I will not purchase since I currently either own them or lack of further funds, but I show them for your information only.

    Watchlist for September 27, 2005

    ATI (Last Close = 30.69),
    DCX (52.91),
    LFG (64.78),
    MLM (74.39).
  2. money1974


    Hi CL. I wish you all the best in your stock trading.

    I used to read some William O'Neill books, but I kind of lost interest.

    Does the CANSLIM system really work?
  3. CL Lim

    CL Lim

    Watchlist for September 28, 2005

  4. CL Lim

    CL Lim

    Stock to Watch for Sep 29, 2005

    SSNC (36.62)
  5. A couple of questions:

    1. How are you screening for these stocks? Which screener are you using?

    2. What triggers your exit? When do stocks come off the list?
  6. CL Lim

    CL Lim

    1. I am using MetaStock to screen these Canslim stocks; but this took me weeks to code, I am not a good programmer:(

    2. To exit: the stock has clearly broken down (major price break) and topped (late-stage base failure).
  7. SSNC looks like it is establishing a good base. However, it seems to be basing for quite an extended period of time given the recent volatility in the NQ, ES. Is that a consideration in that it is not really reacting to continue up while a big gap remains below?
  8. CL Lim

    CL Lim


    From my experience, the CANSLIM system does able to capture some of the big winners but you need to very selective to choose trade and cut losses very quickly.
  9. CL Lim

    CL Lim

    Stocks to Watch for Sep 30, 2005

    BEIQ (35.00)
    TMX (20.52)
  10. swcom


    Additionally, they can move markets and place a special emphasis on following the mutual funds - where they are placing bets, which moves mountains sometimes. However, Lim is right. You gotta get out while the gettin' is good.
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