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  1. Buy1Sell2


    There wil be losses in trading. There will be wins in trading.
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  2. RRY16


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  3. Buy1Sell2


    Learn that it's ok to publicly display your losses
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  4. donnap


    B1S2, much respect and thanks for posting.

    I was long from 53ish and took a big hit. I flipped short, but closed between 47.30 and 46.80. Net=a big drawdown. Crappy timing.

    I continue with confidence, nevertheless.

    Generally, I find that veteran traders won't fault you for a loss. The inexperienced always find a way to expose themselves. People fail at trading because they can't handle losses.
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  5. Maverick74


    This journal is getting off to a horrific start. So much for the charts.
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  6. i hope you weren't holding overnight tonight...
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  7. algofy


    He does quite well with his ES journal calls, it's just one or two trades, cut the guy some slack.
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  8. algofy


    I specifically remember you making some against the trend hero calls and being completely wrong. It happens.
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  9. Maverick74


    He fades an index with a VIX of 12. Mean reversion has never been better. I remember that clown in 2008 holding shit for 200 handles in his face with a market a little more volatile then this one.
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