CL is crazy!

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  1. Hi, I'm #1 fan of my astrological bro SA forecaster:rolleyes:, soo I want to try a similar thing that he do.


    CL just broke a support of a down trend, I don't know if it will following going up or down nor do I have a price target or predictions.:thumbsup:

    bEsT wIshEs:rolleyes:
  2. maxinger


    Professional traders don't do prediction.

    Only newbie traders and coaches and fortune tellers do prediction.

    If u learn wrong thing , it will contaminate your mind. And it will take years to decontaminate your mind.

    bEsT wIsHEses !
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  3. SA and the astrological boyz gang will be angry with this thread:banghead:

    This is true. veST wysHeses:rolleyes:
  4. dozu888


    who here know block chain well? somebody should set up a block chain and let SA put all his predictions on smart contracts... put his own money where his mouth is.

    never gonna happen, but should be cool for anyone who wants to sell a 'forecast service'..
  5. maxinger


    well. You have to decide whether you want to be:

    - professional trader who develop his own holy grail and earn $$$ by trading
    - fortune teller who sell prediction / forcasting service
    - newbie trader

    I used to listen to fortune teller. and that was decades ago.
  6. wrbtrader


    You doing this via a simulator or real money ?

  7. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    Sorry but this is not accurate. Predictive models are very valuable and sought after by larger funds and prop firms.
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  8. I know, I was joking
  9. It wasn't a trade, I was only looking the market but it was a real time chart of CL at today's morning
  10. I don't believe that any of these services can really say useful information to trade. News, signals and reports don't move the prices. I think that the people who reads the articles and analysis by the big investment funds like the economy war that have USA and China or whatever they are talking now, It's only to be actualized.

    Doesn't have logic sell a service of real predictions for an insignificant part of money than I could make trading with this information.
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